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How might hypnosis help me?

Our members can offer insight on many ways hypnosis can help in Our Members on Clinical Hypnosis. Also, visit a Brief History of Hypnosis to find answers to frequently asked questions about hypnosis, its clinical uses, myths, fears and history. The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis website is another great resource. As well as Hypnosis and Suggestion.


How do I find a hypnosis professional in my area?

Visit Find a Practitioner. SDSCH members must all be licensed professionals in their field. Membership includes physicians, dentists, clinical psychologists, licensed social workers, marriage and family therapists, nurses, and students in those disciplines.


I am interested in training in hypnosis, how can I get involved?

If you are a professional or a student on a professional track, we invite you to go to the national site, ASCH for a listing of trainings, both inside and outside California. Also you may view LINKS to General Hypnosis Sites. 


How do I become a member of SDSCH?

To view membership requirements, learn about website referral information and apply for a listing visit Become a Member!


 If you have more questions or comments, feel free to contact us:


Telephone:  858-622-9006, Contact Suzanne Marcus, Ph.D.



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