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The San Diego Society Clinical Hypnosis (SDSCH) has adopted this Code of Ethics to ensure the highest quality of patient care through the proper and effective use of clinical hypnosis by its members.   

Members of the SDSCH shall observe the professional and ethical standards of their respective clinical* professions:  psychology, clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, mental health counseling, nursing, medicine, dentistry.

A member of the SDSCH shall not support the practice of hypnosis by a lay person**. They shall not teach, lecture or demonstrate clinical knowledge of the use of hypnosis to any person or group of lay persons who practice hypnosis. Lectures informing the general public about hypnosis are not prohibited as long as such lectures do not include demonstrations or didactic material teaching clinical hypnosis skills.

Members of the SDSCH shall only use hypnosis within their respective areas of professional competence and training.  The primary concern of each member of the SDSCH, shall be the clinical well-being of the patient or client.

In the advertising of services or the dissemination of other information, members shall not overstate their professional credentials or make statements or claims which cannot be substantiated by relevant scientific evidence.

No member of the SDSCH shall use hypnosis for entertainment purposes.

It is recommended that each member of the SDSCH prepare and distribute to patients or clients a statement of office policies regarding appointments, fees, and Code of Ethics.

*"Clinical" means the ability, designated by a recognized licensing body, to diagnose, prescribe, and carry out treatment for a medical, dental, psychological, or psychosocial disorder.

**A "lay person" is an individual who lacks clinical training in a therapeutic or scientific profession recognized by the SDSCH, and would not be eligible for a license to practice such a profession in the state of employment.

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