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Full Membership Listing : to be eligible for full membership in SDSCH, applicants must hold a doctorate in medicine (MD or DO), dentistry, podiatry (DPM), chiropractic, or psychology, or an equivalent doctoral degree with psychology as the major field of study, or a masters level degree in nursing, social work, psychology, speech-language pathology, or marital/family therapy. In addition, applicants must be licensed or certified in the state in which they practice, be a member of a professional society consistent with their degree, such as the AMA, APA or ADA, have a stated interest in the clinical use of hypnosis, and have completed twenty hours of ASCH approved clinical hypnosis training. 

Associate Membership Listing is for people who meet all the above criteria except the twenty hours of training. Associate Members have two years to meet the training requirement after joining. 

Student Affiliate: students enrolled in doctoral programs in medicine, dentistry, podiatry or psychology, or masters level programs in nursing, social work, psychology, or marital/family therapy, are eligible for Student Affiliate status at a reduced rate.   

Resident/Intern Affiliate Status is available for full time residents or interns participating in a recognized medical, dental, podiatric, psychological or social work or marital/family therapy internship or residency program.

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